Revitol Or Zenmed

Aloe Vera is a well known plant that has been in use for a long, long time, dating back to the first to be mentioned as a Roman medical history. Used for many advantages such as the healing of Burns, skin diseases, cure if there is the possibility of skin disease is basically that Aloe Vera can help with this. Just don t go ’ by applying it if you are allergic to it, no matter how good is supposed to be. However, one is asked whether it was effective with stretch marks, compared with other commercial products or homemade recipes. One thing I know is what is extracted Aloe Vera is also heavily used commercial creams available, which usually indicates that the cream at least will make your stripes appear less intimidating. For example, creams like Revitol or handshake Zenmed all use this ingredient. In any case, Aloe Vera has shown through its many years of use which helps with skin damage such as scars, don't expect to be able to remove stretch marks, but a mild fainting can be still be used if possible. In essence, it is cheap, has multiple uses and can be mixed with other ingredients around. For stretch marks, a great add-on, but as it is not the main point, don't expect anything beyond revitol or zenmed some shades of color difference. So that if you have a few bucks to add this to your collection of skin care will be worth it, only for the nutrients that Aloe Vera will grant your skin in time. .