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Mark with FacebookSorry, we are capable of, on Facebook at the moment. Try again later. Hello and welcome to Monster high! If you have any questions, send the folder in which you need, questions, consult our set of rules first and then find in the group, if you cannot find the answer to your question. Do not ask in our comments. Is Monster high new generation a bad idea?I have lots of good ideas for kids by Canon/non-canonical Parejas for. High, daughter of Monster REDD and CLEO, etc, but I'm afraid I'm at the edge of the Mary Sue or bad OC/area non-photo-OC. and there are a lot of people seems of have done. and gives me In the anxious, not about real life stories or characters, to use a fresh design and the difficult path of personality in a newspaper or a bio format. I can not damage, if I add a limited depth, guess, and all kinds of changes, frescoes and variants with respect to X, what can I do baby. I asked. Lookbook: Operation Halloween Halloween season GhoulIt the perfect time to shoot HD dolls the terrifying goodness! I have some awesome new fashions for every occasion (of which some uniques are!), marked by my fear beautiful ghoul costumes for girls, MH or EAH add! almost all clothes and accessories in these pictures are for sale. ! Contact after seeing my previous Halloween photo shoot this spooky Halloween fashion Lookbook. Find your favorite in my shop to your Halloween Doll so fabulous! Lbsw2 by unicorngirl1. Through the eyes of Pierre: Enter eyes journal # 1-SeptembreI-Zeitung by Rochelle Goyle1 StoneExcerpts do this writing in English today, because this is one of the last days in show Scaris. I'm looking forward to both, Monster high is to be an unusual spot and I have heard it is very pretty, but still I can not help, sad sad. 415 years, all my life I've seen revitol bg in this city. Then I try to adopt a way to display Scaris to think. I think you have an idea. I realized that this morning he awoke today morning in the town. A human street performers (only Normie, should not say true? US Asi_que call after his mother). Just a Normie was close to my roof and, that said the transitional period anecdote (most were tourists think). It was funny, because I the Normies so often heard this story and never changes. The only difference is now there no cars instead of horses were as said,. .